Favorite videos.  Most are Ted Talks.

Brilliant.  Must see.
1) Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world The title says it.  Amazing information.  Brilliant presentation. 
2) Jill Bolte Taylor's "stroke of insight". Psychological insight and spiritual revelation from a stroke.
3) Stephan Wolfram - A Computing Theory of Everything Wolfram wrote the program that is the essential tool for mathmeticians. Now, he gives us ordinary folks such a tool.
4) Steve Job's Commencement Address at Stanford University His personal story.  How creativity happened.
5)  Flying off cliffs in Norway Breathtaking  daring, creativity, skill and foolishness.
6)  Salman Khan teaches math to a million people a month. Way better than you imagine possible.

Merely Wonderful!
James Cameron's personal story How creativity happens.  Films like Titanic, Avatar and more.
Wade Davis on endangered cultures How incredably different people are made by different cultures. 
Here's a Google Spreadsheet with many more videos links Some links open with clicking. Some need to be copied and pasted into a a browser.  Some links work better in one browser than another.