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Hostel on South Whidbey Island
Email: / Phone: 206-923-9406
When my son Alex returned from travels in Europe, he described how in Scotland homes are used as hostels in small towns. It occurred to me that I'd love to have the company of budget travelers and vacationers. I'm a retiree and a bit of extra income is also welcome. Alex has encouraged me to use his room and I have an upstairs room that I rent that is currently vacant.

The hostel routine here is a bit upscale from what Alex described. The rooms are private. Sheets and bedding are supplied. Otherwise it's hosteling: guests share the living room and kitchen and often cook their meals rather than eating out. At some hostels the guests help with chores. I wouldn't say no. It's kind of like staying with friends on a road trip. Oh yes, we have good Wifi internet, but no TV.

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It's $15 a night to stay in Alex's room and $30 a night ($150/wk) for the upstairs room, which has a kitchenette and private bath. Couples are $20 and $40. Children are $5.

We are ten minutes by car and 30 minutes by bicycle from:
- the Clinton-Mukilteo Ferry
- The town of Langley
- Maxwelton Beach

(Click on "Maxwelton" to see pictures of the beach)

It's a 10 minute walk to the Whidbey Institute or the Waldorf School.

Bus service is available, but not frequent, and not on weekends. By arrangement, I can pick people up at the ferry.

House image

Tim and Alex

Alex and me

Upstairs window

Up stairs view

Upstairs NW corner

Upstairs room NW corner


Upstairs room kitchenette




Alex's room



Living Room

Living Room

Back Yard
Upstairs Bedroom

Upstairs Bed

Plumb tree in Spring

Getting here is fun

An eagle on the beach

Maxwelton Beach

Maxwelton Beach

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