A Mindful Hostel on South Whidbey Island
Updated from - www.icelu.com/hostel/ - September 2015) - the old web opens in a new window, and shows how my hosteling began

mindfulhostelonwhidbey@gmail.com - Phone: 206-923-9406
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My Hostel is upscale from
the European model. All rooms are private & I provide linen. After that, it's similar:
there's a common room, a shared kitchen, and communal laundry.
Hostelers bring their food and cook ... and clean up
and wash dishes after.

The exception is that, the upstairs room is more like a studio apartment, with a separate entrance, kitchenette, lovely view and depending on how many guests I have, a private bath ...

We have good internet but no TV, ...

Nearby are:
- Clinton-Mukilteo Ferry
- The town of Langley
- Maxwelton Beach
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are ten minutes by car and < 30 minutes by bicycle

Whidbey Institute and Waldorf School are each
10 minutes walk through the forest.

Rates as of September 2015
- $30 a night for rooms, and
- $60 a night for the upstairs room
with the view, kitchen, deck, and
sometimes private bath.

- $15 for camping
If you really can't afford this, talk to me.

There is very limited bus service on the island. I have had people walk the 3 miles from the ferry. Easy bicycling. With proper notice, I can pick people up from the ferry.

Click on this picture to see a 2 minute video - out the back door
Olympic mountains out the back door

trail tree

Everyone is welcome
I enjoy adventurers ...
and city folks looking for quiet .....
and Islanders needing lodging between homes ...
and, now that it's becoming popular, I'm enjoying
folks who practice mindfulness.

I've been practicing mindfulness since the late 1960s. I'm shocked and delighted that recently, mindfulness has become, - popular.

If you are unfamiliar with "Mindfulness" ... a good start is this story on CBS 60 Minutes.
Here's more about mindfulness:

Unfamiliar with hosteling?
Here's Wikipedia's description:

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Living Room

Upstairs window

tim fairwell

Upstairs Bedroom


basement room

Maxwelton Beach

I also host longer term lodgers:
- 20 somethings figuring out their next adventure;
- city refugees finding their place on the Island;
- folks involved with the Whidbey Institute or the Waldorf School, wanting nearby lodging

Perhaps the the first most common remark of visitors, is: "It's so quiet". Most find it pleasant, but one person asked: : "How do you deal with that? But, we are far from monastic. The quiet is regularly punctuated with sounds of a barking dog, or an airplane, or a chainsaw. And a Waldorf family lives in the apartment above my garage; children playing keeps the place from becoming somber.

Calvin and Hobbs cartoon

I'm constantly amazed that my home is like Calvin's tree, where (mostly) I appreciate this moment.
- I so delight in sharing those moments.